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  1. sts

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    v5.97 - February 21 2019
    • + ARA: support for ARA2-compatible plugins
    • + ARA: support for importing notes and tempo from plugins into project, or exporting as MIDI
    • + Actions: allow removing FX chain actions
    • + Automation: handle empty automation items more gracefully [t=217307]
    • + Automation: fix crash when duplicating empty automation items via region copy [t=212401]
    • + Control surfaces: add action to reset MIDI control surface devices
    • + Control surfaces: actions for next/previous track update control surface offsets [t=184004]
    • + Joysticks: fix joystick support [p=2081611]
    • + Linux: do not show (unused) video output colorspace options
    • + Linux: fix crossfade window glitches [p=2083685]
    • + Linux: fix project bay menu issues [p=2083685]
    • + MIDI editor: allow resizing right edges of notes down to note insert size if lower than grid size
    • + MIDI editor: fix possible crash when editing notation
    • + MIDI editor: obey note insertion length when in measure-grid mode [p=2072523]
    • + MIDI editor: event filter fixes and tweaks [p=2089513]
    • + OSC: fix support for s/track/x/name setting
    • + OSC: fix unreliable setting of marker/region information by timeline-index
    • + OSC: support modifying/creating markers/regions by ID, using /region_id/@/time and /marker_id/@/time etc
    • + OSC: support writing marker/region values
    • + Performance meter: auto-resize text areas to configured view options
    • + Performance meter: optionally display video load
    • + Project bay: add position column for source media and media items
    • + Project bay: allow dragging complete (not trimmed) media into the media items tab
    • + Projects: add actions to save copy of project (optionally prompting for new filename)
    • + ReaComp: add pre-fader feedback detector mode
    • + ReaComp: deprecated non-fully-functional AA support, hidden when not used
    • + ReaComp: improve ratio/attack/rms slider curves and display precision
    • + ReaScript: fix MIDIEditor_GetSetting_int [t=212449]
    • + ReaScript: EEL2 scripts support //@gmem=sharedMemorySegmentName starting line in first 100 lines of code (also shares with JSFX)
    • + ReaScript: add reaper.gmem_attach()/gmem_read()/gmem_write() to Lua for interacting with JSFX/Video Processors/EEL2 ReaScripts gmem[] segments
    • + ReaScript: support UTF-8 characters in os.remove()/os.rename() on Windows
    • + ReaScript/JSFX: add gfx.a2/gfx_a2 for creating transparent images
    • + Stretch markers: add new "transient-optimized" and "no pre-echo reduction" stretch marker modes
    • + Stretch markers: add project setting for stretch marker mode
    • + Stretch markers: improve timing of timestretch ramps with elastique and Rubberband Library[t=204269]
    • + Track FX drag: update mouse cursor when changing modifiers
    • + Tempo map: fix importing initial time signature from MIDI tempo map
    • + Theme: fix retina vs HiDPI inconcistency relating to label margins
    • + VST: do not deactivate VST3 plugins before changing IO buffer information
    • + VST: flush VST3 buffers on stop without resetting other plugin state
    • + VST: inform plugins of project loop selection regardless of playback state
    • + VST: report loop points to plugins even if project repeat is disabled
    • + VST: restore pre-5.9x reset-on-stop default behavior for ET-200, FA3, Vienna Ensemble
    • + Video: sort and reorganize preset names into categories
    • + Video: add new presets including Color Peeker, Decorative Oscilliscope, Decorative Spectrum Analyzer, RGB Histogram, Resize to Project Settings, Screensaver, Frame Rate Decimator, RGB Shadow/Midtone/Highlight, Apply Track FX Only Where Track Has Video Items [p=2073314], Vertical Wipe
    • + Video: improve various built-in presets
    • + Video: improve Chroma-key presets, add separate RGB/YUV versions
    • + Video: add JSFX video sample peeker which can provide audio samples to Decorative Oscilliscope/Decorative Spectrum Analyzer presets
    • + Video: add experimental performance tweaks and information to video window menu
    • + Video: add experimental decoder prefetch support (improved multiprocessing, improved reverse video playback performance when enabled)
    • + Video: add option to show green frames for underruns, rather than previous frame
    • + Video: add option to disable rendering cache for all media/video FX (can be used for low latency interactions)
    • + Video: avoid re-rendering video frames when tweaking parameters during playback
    • + Video: better preview behavior when slip editing items
    • + Video: improve monitoring FX performance during underruns/seeking, playback recovery after CPU overutilization during normal playback
    • + Video: improve preview behavior when scrubbing backwards continuously
    • + Video: always force rendered videos to be even in dimension
    • + Video: do not process any video when rendering audio-only
    • + Video: do not run video processors in monitoring FX chain while rendering
    • + Video: increase maximum parameter count to 24
    • + Video: parameters can now be specified without indices for convenience
    • + Video: add processor support for gfx_a2, which can be used to control RGBA alpha-channel writing
    • + Video: add processor functions: gfx_getpixel(), input_get_name(), on_parameter_change(), time_precise(), ui_get_state(), fft()
    • + Video: improve gfx_evalrect() (can take flags to process right-to-left, vertical, third source for 3-way blends, initialization code, returns -1 on error, add restrictions to processor code)
    • + Video: improve input_info() to not clear project_w/project_h if they are passed as parameters and input is not present
    • + Video: support //@gmem=sharedMemorySegmentName (also shares with JSFX's options:gmem=)
    • + Video: fix RGBA chromakeyed blit [t=213118]
    • + Video: improve internal colorspace management logic (reduction of excess colorspace conversions)
    • + Video: improve knob behavior relating to mousewheel, step sizes, and undo/redo
    • + Video: fix VLC decoding to RGB [t=215295]
    • + Video: fix ffmpeg hang when seeking some old miniDV .avi files
    • + Video: improve VLC/ffmpeg decoding behavior near end of file [p=2069421]
    • + Video: improve DirectShow output performance
    • + Video: fix refresh issues with linux or Windows/BitBlt() output
    • + Video: optionally send CC events on video window mouse drag (once option enabled, right click in MIDI learn window to assign)
    • + Video: output colorspace preference no longer affects processor rendering pipeline, only final display stage
    • + Virtual MIDI keyboard: do not adjust center position in response to UI sizing [t=209001]
    • + WALTER: fix HiDPI extended mixer mode setting [p=2075538]
    • + macOS: switch to newer development toolchain for release (improves video playback on large monitors and fixes AUv3 issues on 10.14)
    • + macOS: removed PPC bridging support
    • + macOS: workaround for NSWorkspace race condition when launching external editors after open-copy [t=214818]
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    sts, 22.02.19
    acblitzdc, rufio, semox und eine weitere Person bedanken sich.
  2. bafc24


    Registriert seit:
    Gerade gesehen, Reaper hat ARA. Cool
    bafc24, 24.02.19
  3. bloomooroom


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    Habs mit Melodyne probiert. Funzt wirklich.

    Bin gespannt, was nach 5.99 kommt. Vielleicht 5.100? SCNR
    bloomooroom, 24.02.19
    Andaraginga bedankt sich.
  4. suboptional


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    suboptional, 24.02.19
  5. Grummelrocker

    Grummelrocker Moderator Ex-Rockstar Mitarbeiter

    Registriert seit:
    Ich glaube (fast) jeder freut sich wenn da irgendwann mal eine 6.0 zum Download steht. Fairerweise muss man aber auch sagen: Das was Justin & Cockos pro Update da an Fixes und oft auch an wirklichen Features raushauen, wäre bei anderen Herstellern nicht nur ein X.99x sondern ein X.x. Als Reaper-User sind wir da schon verwöhnt ;)
    Von daher: Ich freue mich auch auf eine 6.0 irgendwann, bin aber selbst mit den "kleinen" Sprüngen was die Versionszahl angeht sehr zufrieden.

    Ich bin eher neuigierig was GRANDIOS-GIGANTISCHES kommen muss, wenn mal eine neue Major-Version ansteht...
    Grummelrocker, 24.02.19
  6. Andaraginga


    Registriert seit:
    Super, mein Lieblingsupdate!

    1. ARA
    2. Der Bug im Virtual Keyboard wurde gefixt. Und zwar nur, weil ich Justin noch mal eindrücklich Bescheid gesagt hab:
    t=209001 ;-)
    Andaraginga, 24.02.19
  7. sts

    sts Themenersteller

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    Reaper 6 kommt mit integriertem WinAmp-Player. Der Code lag da noch rum. :D
    sts, 24.02.19
Status des Themas:
Beachte, dass dieses Thema älter als ein Jahr ist! Möglicherweise ist es sinnvoller, einen neuen Thread zu erstellen.