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RME ADI-2 Pro/DAC, neue Firmware herausgekommen

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    Hier die neuen Funktionen und Download links etc

    Sehr gut gelungen: amber display und die neuen meter options:

    - New option in Setup – Options – Display: Hor.(izontal) Meter. Choices are Pre-FX, Post-FX and Dual, affecting the stereo level meter below the Analyzer. Pre-FX shows the level before all DSP processing and the volume control, which equals the 'input' level. Pre-FX can be useful to show a missing input signal, overloads of the source etc. Post-FX is the way it worked so far, after FX and volume, to show the real output level and overloads by processing. Dual combines the best of both: Pre-FX is shown as thin bar on the outside of the meters, Post-FX as thicker bar in the middle. Note that the numbers shown in Dual mode on the right side are Post-FX.
    recplay und Loop_Breaker bedanken sich.