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Bitwig Update-Thread

Dieses Thema im Forum "Bitwig" wurde erstellt von 160dB, 02.12.15.

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    Gilt nur für richtige Betriebssysteme :-D
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    Bei mir besteht keine Fremdgehgefahr mehr. Ableton Live wurde heute feierlich zu Grabe getragen und von der Festplatte verbannt :D

    RIP :D
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    Seit gestern gibt es das Script-Update für PUSH 1 + 2 auf Version 7.0.

    Hier der Downloadlink:
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    Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.3.6

    Released on 15.01.2016.

    NEW Added Post Recording Actions to clip launcher which are activated after a specified duration has been recorded. This can be used to record clips of a predetermined fixed length as well as to record multiple takes automatically to multiple clips.
    IMPROVED Added support for track and instrument name metadata to MIDI file import.
    IMPROVED Much lower memory usage and better overall application performance on OSX.
    FIXED Crash when changing drum machine preset for another preset using the popup browser and having previously selected a pad that does not have a chain in the preset selected.
    FIXED Phase is inverted when recording audio from an external source using ASIO at 24-bit.
    FIXED Muted clips are not visually distinguishable from unmuted clips in clip launcher.
    FIXED Moving notes by a tiny amount using the inspector creates lots of duplicates.
    FIXED Creating a clip in the clip launcher using different time signature than 4/4 still creates a clip with 4 quarters duration.
    FIXED When importing MIDI files the clip length should be calculated from the content instead of from MIDI metadata.
    FIXED When opening timeline context menu only update time selection when clicking outside of selected time range, otherwise delete command will not work correctly for automation.
    FIXED Rare crash when deleting a track or moving it out of it's group.
    FIXED On Linux the window shifts down by the size of the title bar each time the application is started.
    FIXED Exporting MIDI file should ignore muted notes.
    FIXED When saving a new clip the BPM is set to 110 and not the project's current tempo.
    FIXED Zoom to fit leaves too much space in timeline editors.
    FIXED Clip launcher note editor sometimes jumps to time before content start when stopping playback with playback follow enabled.
    FIXED Dragging a track from one project to another that referered to a sample that was collected and saved on a different machine in the source project would not find the samples when dropped in the destination project.
    FIXED Effect track is called audio track in context menu.
    FIXED Moving multiple continuous clips with "automation follows clips" activated creates unneccessary automation dots at the boundries of the clips.
    FIXED When clicking on header area of a drum note lane that does not contain notes, it should also reset the time selection to avoid accidental deletion with standby time selection.
    FIXED Undo history breaks if you move an automation point and hit the right mouse key while doing so.
    FIXED Instrument notes are not truncated at the clip boundry when consolidating.
    FIXED Pasting text from the clipboard on OSX does not work.
    FIXED Free running automation is not shown correctly in content preview section of launcher clips.
    FIXED Importing corrupt midi files that have track names that contain the null character results in a project that cannot be opened once saved.
    FIXED When there is a long list of items that needs to be scrolled in a menu it is not possible to select menu items using touch that are not visible.
    FIXED Changing track color while detail editor being open does not repaint notes.
    FIXED Macro section displays "Default Preset" after loading a saved VST preset via the popup browser into an existing VST plugin.
    FIXED Projects with editors set to triplets don't show correct value in grid subdivision fields.
    FIXED Some devices get clipped along the bottom edge when scaling is not 100%.
    FIXED Notes in drum MIDI files that have zero length should be interpreted as 16th when importing into Bitwig Studio.
    FIXED Playhead starts in wrong position and not from the blue play marker after bounce.
    FIXED Controller API: Crash when creating named device cursors from onMidi callback.
    FIXED Regression: pasting text does not work on OSX.
    FIXED Not possible to move the loop start for a clip beyond bar 250 using inspector but dragging loop region allows this.
    FIXED Controller API: crash when using device layer bank.
    FIXED Crash if bouncing a track region in place and before the bounce has completed deleting the track.
    FIXED OSX engine crash when scanning certain audio devices.
    FIXED Sometimes engine crashes on OSX when connecting to document.
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    Bei mir funktioniert das Update nicht. Habe schon Fehler im Download.
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    Muss bei dir irgendwo der Wurm drin sein, bei mir ist alles ok!
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    Das kenne ich. Musst Du mal von woanders aus probieren.
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    Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.3.8

    Released on 21.03.2016.

    FIXED Crash when trying to select parent device via controller API.
    FIXED Automation recording would be turned on by punch in or end of pre-roll if "Write Automation on Record" setting was on in preferences but this should only apply when the user manually turns on the record button.
    FIXED Controller API: selecting layers in device layer bank does not work correctly.
    FIXED Controller API: allow to launch either group track scenes or the clips of the group's master track via clip launcher interface.
    FIXED Controller API: observer for clip launcher slot selected state does not report correct value when pointing cursor track to another track.
    FIXED When clicking + button in a drum pad and selecting the same device as the last one inserted in the drum machine the device would not be inserted in the pad.
    FIXED Favouriting an item in the browser column scrolls back to the selected item in the list.
    FIXED Pinning device for a selected preset in popup browser would not allow unpin if the plugin no longer existed.
    FIXED Hardware FX does not report latency to PDC.
    FIXED A duplicated audio track reverts to the first hardware input if the source track had another hardware input selected.
    FIXED Crash when duplicating additive tempo modulation points inside a clip on the clip launcher.
    FIXED Potential crash when deleting time in arranger.
    FIXED Controller API: siblings track bank sometimes not scrolls to the correct section when selecting tracks.
    FIXED Crash due to being able to create a feedback loop by moving tracks between track groups that would cause more than one feedback loop.
    FIXED Using forward slashes ("/") in track names leads to the creation of subdirectories when exporting audio.
    FIXED Sensitive area for dragging start/end of events is too small on hi-res displays.
    FIXED Controller API: devices on group tracks are not accessible using cursor device.
    FIXED Controller API: macros of devices in FX slots cannot be accessed when slot is closed in the GUI.
    FIXED Dragging automation time selection for clip modulation resulted in wrong preview and wrong data inserted on drop.
    FIXED If you get an error saving a project when closing it the project should not be closed.
    FIXED Controller API: cursorTrack.addCanSelectNextObserver reports the same value as addCanSelectPreviousObserver.
    FIXED Controller API: crash when selecting parent device using Push4Bitwig script.
    FIXED Triplet notes were getting truncated during playback when shuffle is on.
    FIXED When opening a project containing a VST the preset name always says "Default Preset" instead of the last selected preset the VST had when saved.
    FIXED Regression: License registration window for u-he plugin is broken.
    FIXED Overdubbing of launcher clips is broken.
    FIXED Controller API: crash when calling selectFirstInSlot on named device cursor.
    FIXED Pitchbend does not get converted to note expressions anymore.
    FIXED Controller API: crash when trying to access MIDI port with invalid index.
    FIXED ASIO: Crash with a buffer-size of 2048 samples when using a Steinberg audio interface.
    FIXED Clicking on clip launcher scene clears the note editor content in tablet mode.
    FIXED Stop button on group track in clip launcher is not lit, so looks like you can't press on it.
    FIXED If you bounce a note clip that is recorded with preroll all bounces contain one bar of silence at the beginning of the bounced audio file.
    FIXED Recording with punch in and pre-roll causes clips to be recorded on the arranger with negative time.
    FIXED Audio engine always crashes if user selects weird buffer sizes on ALSA.
    FIXED Pasting of clip modulation inserts wrong data.
    FIXED Controller API: crash when diving into FX layers using Push4Bitwig script.
    FIXED Note length changes whe single-clicking inspector note length field for a multiselection.
    FIXED Eraser tool affects all layers in layered audio editor instead of just the target layer.
    FIXED Using punch out results in instrument track recording stopping slightly before the loop end.
    FIXED Controller API: cursor device does not work on tracks that have been created by a track bank.
    FIXED When dropping raw audio events into a clip the successive audio event sometimes gets deleted.
    FIXED Potential engine crash on OSX when scanning core audio hardware devices.
    FIXED Audio Engine crash when reading from disk failed.
    FIXED Controller API: potential crash in siblings track bank (Push4Bitwig script).
    FIXED Control Surface Scripting API does not open anymore from help menu in 1.3.6 on windows.
    FIXED Audio on Windows creates pops, crackles and slurring in 1.3.6 but worked in 1.3.5.
    FIXED Regression: Notes are sometimes getting played twice (note from start of loop creeps in at end) when a clip is looping .
    IMPROVED Don't have separate browser, inspector, mapping browser for each mode (PLAY, EDIT, ARR, MIX) in the tablet profile. Instead just one for all of the modes.
    IMPROVED Support Jack input and output latency compensation.
    IMPROVED Show path to selected file in popup browser and make it clickable to select a parent folder.
    IMPROVED Rescan plugin option not available for shelled plugins and only shown in presets browser not in device browser.
    IMPROVED Made touch-tap recognition more reliable on Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 and other devices with very high pixel-density.
    IMPROVED Improved algorithm used for delay-compensation including fixes for modulation routing and complex side-chaining.
    IMPROVED Touch: The radial gestures menu for devices in the device chain is now only available from the device header, as it was too easy to move/copy devices by accident. .
    IMPROVED ROLI Searbord RISE: Added MPE pitch bend range control in script preferences and send the range on the right channel.
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    Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.3.9

    Released on 05.04.2016.

    FIXEDWhen editing arranger clip automation, lots of track automation events at clip end are created.
    FIXEDRegression in 1.3.8: note end might be painted one pixel off.
    FIXEDNotes which start at the exact time when the clip ends would sometimes play even though they shouldn't.
    FIXEDClips that contain lots of notes are very slow to select when selecting clips on the arranger.
    FIXEDNote painting is incorrect for a note that starts in one clip and continues in the next.
    FIXEDTextEditor does not calculate properly the cursor position when the string starts with whitespaces.
    FIXEDController API: createCursorDevice returns null when being called without argument.
    FIXEDRegression: Possible to get feedback loops in some rare cases due to recent PDC changes in 1.3.8.
    FIXEDCan't undo assignment of a preset to a VST plugin when assigning preset within Bitwig Studio (e.g from browser).
    FIXEDOpen containing folder for a VST plugin on Mac results in error.
    FIXEDEngine crashes when switching to another project before the plugins in the current project have finished loading.
    FIXEDDragging boolean clip automation onto numerical automation crashes app.
    IMPROVEDDefault quantization setting should be 16th instead of adaptive editor grid.
    IMPROVEDImprove library indexing times for subsequent launches of the application.
    IMPROVEDSearch for ffprobe/ffmepg or avprobe/avconf on Linux.

    Dieses mal nicht so viel gefixed wie die letzten Male, aber war ja auch Superbooth wo die Jungs im Stress waren.

    Ja dann steht ja bald die 1.4 vor der Tür, bin mal gespannt was es dann für feines neues Fresschen im Napf gibt. Evtl. schon morgen auf der MM? Wäre schön, ich glaube aber nicht dran, naja, so ein bissel.
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  12. AWF

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    Our current development of the next update is available for testing. Let us know if you run into any issues by submitting crash reports if prompted by Bitwig Studio.

    Ist keine Finale Version.

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    Ja ist schon klar, aber mich würde mal interessieren wofür genau dieses rc steht...würde jetzt gern ne lustige Abkürzung hier hinschreiben, die haben aber noch nicht mal Kalauerqualitäten, ...rauchende colts ist das Erste was mir eingefallen ist...aber semilustig...
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    So bezeichnet man üblicherweise einen "Release Candidate".
    Mindflanger bedankt sich.
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    ah ok, sowas klingt schon sinniger
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    Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.3.10

    Released on 16.06.2016.

    NEW Support for Hercules P32 DJ controller provided by Jürgen Mossgraber.
    FIXED Crash when replacing a launcher clip with key assignment and then triggering the key.
    FIXED Crash when showing popup browser for a device where the device sort mode was saved in the project as vendor but on loading the new sort mode is by location.
    FIXED Sends of group tracks are not audible when soloing the return track.
    FIXED Saving a preset that embeds two different files with the same name is not possible.
    FIXED Auto/Pre/Post setting for sends of Drum machine layers resets after saving and loading the set.
    FIXED Send of subtracks in groups are not muted when soloing other tracks.
    FIXED Crash when openning a project that had a track group scene and a clip selected on the clip launcher when it was last saved.
    FIXED Workaround for bug in OSX El Capitan that causes full-screen GUI painting being slow when using certain graphics chips (13" Retina Macbook Pro).
    FIXED When you have VST window open and load a new VST from pop-up browser, the first plugin's window is on top of the newly inserted plugin.
    FIXED Duplicating an audio event in arranger note editor results in overlapping events.
    FIXED Window positions of multi monitor setups are not restored on OSX when quitting and restarting app.
    FIXED When openning very old projects where the plugin states were stored as separate files in the project folder the plugin states would not be found.
    FIXED On Windows the engine can crash but leaves child plugin host processes around causing complete lockup of the application.
    FIXED Open u-he plugin while playing an automation GUI triggers automation override.
    FIXED Stretch modes do not pass phase cancellation with Raw mode when playing back at original tempo.
    FIXED Rare crash when dragging tracks and automation in the source tracks is deleted while we are dragging them.
    FIXED Bouncing a scene or meta clip creates a track inside the group track instead of alongside it.
    FIXED Roll over play button and overview are not shown on bwscene files.
    FIXED Double kick bug in Clip Launcher.
    FIXED When moving a window between screens with different scaling factors the window could get into a flickering state where the window couldn't decide which screen it belonged to.
    FIXED Pop-up windows and context-menus had the wrong scaling-factor in certain multi-monitor setups.
    FIXED Certain files are not accepted due to a problem parsing tags.
    FIXED Crash on OSX when trying to paint popup window.
    FIXED Audio input channels are mapped to wrong hardware channels on OSX when using audio device that has inputs for audio output and a separate device for audio input.
    FIXED Sometimes, the DSP Performance Graph cannot be moved until it is resized first.
    FIXED Text input on Linux only uses default keyboard layout - changing layout does not work.
    FIXED Caps lock is sometimes inverted when entering text on Linux systems.
    FIXED Controller Surface API: ChannelBank.scrollSends* methods may do nothing.
    FIXED Control surface API looks weird on Linux.
    FIXED Added workaround for Roland plugins which didn't work properly in sandboxed hosts.
    FIXED Sluggish GUI response in some situations on OSX El Capitan.
    IMPROVED Improved compatibility with Seaboard RISE and EQUATOR.
    IMPROVED Move the tags column in the popup browser so it is next to the category column to which it closely relates.
    IMPROVED When searching in popup browser show hit count for all tabs.
    IMPROVED Controller Surface API: add ChannelBank.scrollToSend(position).
    IMPROVED Performance: Showing the popup browser with a very large sample library (close to 1 million sample files) would take a while to list the devices even though the samples tab wasn't shown.
    schnuffke bedankt sich.
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    This release is a small (but important!) update. It fixes a very common crash (mostly on Linux) due to a compiler bug. We decided to release this fix ASAP due to the number of crash reports coming in.

    FIXED Workaround for compiler bug that caused crashes sometimes when repositioning or resizing a popup-window that appeared in 1.3.10
    FIXED Browser collections would disappear if the contained the '/' character. Now don't allow characters that are not valid in file names to be used when creating a new collection and show an error message if the user does this.
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    Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.3.12

    Released on 20.07.2016.

    FIXED Undo history problems when editing samples in multisample mode.
    FIXED Possible to get feedback loops in a project in certain cases when moving devices from a track to a group track's output.
    FIXED Crash in certain cases when switching between clip launcher and arranger automation editor when arranger clip automation is free running.
    FIXED When dragging track groups between different projects it was possible that content would be inserted into the wrong track sometimes.
    FIXED If user tried to create a multisample file from files that were not in wav it would create an invalid multisample file - now convert the file to wav first.
    FIXED When overwriting a template that had previously been saved in an earlier version and then opening the newly saved template, the newly saved changes would not be seen unless Bitwig Studio was restarted.
    FIXED Turning solo-as-cue off while a track was cued was breaking stuff.
    FIXED When recording automation into a clip on the clip launcher that is using free-run and has different loop region to the clip the automation points are recorded at the wrong time.
    FIXED Clicky sound in drum-machine with peak-limiter on FX slot if the buffer size is an odd number.
    FIXED Crash sometimes when indexing broken or empty u-he preset files.
    FIXED Regression since 1.3.10: Solo buttons in FX Layer device don't work if it is placed into another container.
    FIXED Controller API - issue with NoteInput methods during the first script instantiation after adding the device in the preferences.
    FIXED Sends are incorrectly added to nested chains inside a layer device (that is not a top level device) in the device chain when loading a project.
    IMPROVED Add a button to "leave group" from the mixer view.
    schnuffke2 bedankt sich.
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    Bitwig Studio 1.3.14 is available for download on Here is the list of changes:

    FIXED - Controller mappings in the mappings browser are sorted in a weird way.
    FIXED - Crash when copying scene to end of scene list for a nested track group.
    FIXED - Crash when loading some projects that contained plugins with nested chains that contained devices that routed to other parts of the project.
    FIXED - Crash if inserting content using popup browser into a slot on the clip launcher and deleting the track while the popup browser was open.
    FIXED - Controller API: deprecated API for switching device presets does not get updated to the lastest selected preset when switching presets using the browser in the GUI or the new browsing API.
    FIXED - Controller API: only create clips in group track slots when master track slots are shown instead of group scenes.
    FIXED - Controller API: clip launcher scenes should report if they have content just like slots do.
    FIXED - Controller API: add clip color observer to clip interface.
    FIXED - Engine crashes sometimes on OSX when terminating audio engine.
    FIXED - Crash when changing note length in some circumstances.
    FIXED - Recalling saved Hardware FX preset with popup browser crashes audio engine.
    FIXED - Regression: It is possible to drag arranger clips to a negative time on the arranger.
    FIXED - Crash if screen configurations change while the application is quitting.
    FIXED - Controller API: quantizing clips via controller API should be independent from event selection.
    FIXED - Controller API: send observer stop reporting after deleting effect track.
    FIXED - Bars:Beats:Tick:percentage discards leading zeros in the percentage value when editing a beat time in the inspector.
    FIXED - Controller API: Clip.setStepSize has no effect when not connected to a clip.
    FIXED - Accessing files (projects, samples, plugins) is slow on some macOS computers depending on network configuration.
    FIXED - Windows: Snapping app window to sides or up (for fullscreen) is buggy.
    IMPROVED - When showing popup browser for insertion after a note effect select note effects and instruments by default.
    IMPROVED - Controller API: add functions to Clip interface that enable clearing all step sequencer steps or all steps in a given row.
    IMPROVED - Controller API: made it possible to observe the number of clips per scene in the scene bank interface.
    IMPROVED - Controller API: add function for transposing notes to clip interface.
    IMPROVED - Controller API: provide access to owner track in clip interface.
    IMPROVED - Controller API: add function for quantizing notes to clip interface.
    schnuffke2 bedankt sich.
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    Bitwig 2.3 kommt.

    besonders die expanded device views (sogar detachable) habe ich erwartet. Glaube das ganze Update wird ein weiterer Schritt in die richtige Richtung.

    Edit: Oh, sogar "detachable", das habe ich mir immer gewünscht.
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