Dead Cat´s Soul

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Song über den Tod einer geliebten Katze

Dead Cats Soul

Mausi was a sweet young cat

when she was set out in the wild

helpless in a wild wide world

she was no more than a child

sitting at a filling station

near the country road

tried to fit in with everyone

but no good man was found

Oh Mausi - Girl, I just recall

when you wandered through the land

your coat was so fine

in the morning light

you were searching for a helping Hand


Ordinary people lived here in a house

in the woods near the country road

the boy said "mama, we can´t leave her on her own"

drove there and took her out

She was ill for a week, full of worms and ticks

and breakable like a knag

but she raised again and health returned

and her vitality came back

Oh Mausi - Girl, I just recall

when you wandered through the land

your coat was so fine in the morning light

so you found yourself a helping hand

You lived for fourteen years with us

and gave this place a face

the soul of silence you gave

oh you took death with (such) grace.

Oh Mausi - Girl, do you know how it feels

to stand here at your grave

behind your very own house, on such a rainy day.

It´s the last time that I touch your cout

You were thankful and kind to everyone who came

to say the last goodbye

and on my mind it seemes to me

that you´re still on your way

And my heard was breaking

when I had to lay
you down into the hole

But now I know, that all the people here

are protected by a dead cats soul.

Hans Henning Thomas
7,40 Stern(e)


Die Muschimusik hat was ohrwurmiges. :cool:
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Hier in den Charts, geht's um Top oder Flop,
das zu erklären, ist hier nicht der Job :)
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Tribute for a cat - gut umgesetzt.
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Oh, wie furchtbar.
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Hast Du gerade Deine Katze verloren ?
Dieser Verlustschmerz ist schrecklich. Ich habe selbst zwei Katzen, eigentlich drei.
Die eine Mieze ist vor einem halben Jahr gestorben. Da die Katzen alle einen anderen Charakter haben, spürt man den Verlust besonders intensiv.
Deine warme Stimme gefällt mir. Auch der Einsatz der instrumentalen Soloeinlagen sind wirklich gelungen.
Ein wirklich guter Song. Schade, dass Du den Text nicht eingestellt hast.

Viele Grüße von Katrin
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