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    Hier gibt´s alles billiger! Fullbundle nur noch 169$, das Metalpack nur 59$.

    Metalpack beinhaltet ein WahWah und ein Whammy und
    • Randall® and Brunetti® authorized modeling, with models approved by original manufacturers
    • 12 guitar amplifiers selected for Metal
    • 12 guitar cabinets selected for Metal
    • 16 pedal and rack effects
    • 18 microphone models, with up to four mics on each cabinet
    • 4th generation analog emulation technology, with proprietary nonlinear processing algorithm
    • 3D, gap-less positioning of microphones and room simulation
    • Advanced cabinet emulations with ReSPiRe 2 technology
    • Easy to build or modify your own signal path
    • Intelligent MIDI controls
    • Chromatic tuner
    • BREVERB and SpringAge based reverb effects

    Den Rest müsst ihr selber suchen, :):