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Reaper 4.151

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    Ein neues Update vom 26.1

    OSX: fixed support for 10.4 (broken in 4.15)
    ReWire: fixes for older versions of ReWire.bundle installed
    ReWire: do not install ReWire.bundle v2.6 on OSX 10.4 (since it does not work there)
    ReWire: (to correct ReWire not working on 10.4 after 4.15, remove /Library/Application Support/Propellerhead Software/ReWire/ReWire.bundle, then run REAPER 4.151/ppc to install correct version of ReWire.bundle)

    Track manager:
    double-click track number to scroll track into view
    MIDI column (double-click to open all track MIDI in editor)
    action to delete selected tracks (via menu or delete key)
    changing record-arm state clears track auto-recarm
    doubleclick on toggle columns works properly
    drag tracks in manager to rearrange tracks in project (optional)
    fixed remembering previous window location on OSX
    if track MIDI is already open, double-click MIDI column to close
    mute/solo/record-arm changes respect grouping (shift held overrides)
    option for filter to hide child tracks only if the folder parent is hidden
    option to auto-scroll to selected track when mirroring selection
    right-click FX column to open individual track FX
    right-click header to show/hide columns
    set last touched track when selecting from the track manager
    set track colors

    Region manager:
    delete key removes regions
    display time in project timeline format
    edit region/marker names in place
    optionally display project markers
    right-click header to show/hide columns
    seek when selecting a marker or region (optional)

    Project bay:
    fixed action to force refresh
    list offline FX
    option to zoom/scroll to selected items when mirroring selection
    right-click header to show/hide columns
    usage menu selects and scrolls to media items

    updated to ReWire 2.6
    OSX and Win64 now install ReWire libraries if necessary
    support for loading 64 bit ReWire devices
    support for running 64 bit REAPER as ReWire slave (requires 64 bit host app, for now at least)

    added simple functions to safely access take and track audio
    extensions and ReaScript can store/restore simple global state (GetExtState, SetExtState, etc)
    extensions can add functions to ReaScript

    avoid unnecessary delays when bridge process failed to launch
    OSX support for bridging/firewalling 64 bit VST/AU

    Memory metering:
    improved Win32 memory meter accuracy
    option (enabled by default on 32 bit) to warn when memory use is high
    Parameter modulation:
    fixed switching between tempo-synced and unsynced LFO
    no minimum or maximum for typed-in LFO speed

    Python loading improvements
    separate custom path preferences for 32-bit and 64-bit REAPER
    Render dialog:
    remembers last window position
    saves changes even if window closed without rendering
    update track manager when switching track views
    save/load TCP visibility with track views
    immediate feedback when sweep recarm/mute/solo controls across multiple tracks
    sweeping mute/solo/record-arm respects grouping (shift held overrides)
    sweeping record-arm buttons clears track auto-recarm state on mouseup

    Track templates:
    support for saving envelopes in templates
    option to offset imported template items (and envelopes) by edit cursor

    64-bit build now compiled with ICC
    better ASIO device selection when running both 32-bit and 64-bit REAPER on the same machine
    Actions: relative item positions are preserved when moving item start or end
    AU: fixed wet/dry control on default pin mappings
    Auto recarm: faster changing of recarm state when operating on many tracks
    Config import/export: UI improvement, added sections for chanmaps, scripts, menusets
    Control surfaces: don't create undo points when any surface has touch state set
    Envelope editing: fixed envelope point selection following time selection when option disabled
    Filters: support for NOT and OR keywords (upper case, ORs have lowest precedence, so a b OR c d NOT e means (a and b) or (c and d and not e)
    Freeze: fixed actions to freeze through last selected FX
    Media item properties: immediately update properties window on apply
    MIDI editor: fixed hang when entering grid size of zero
    Mixer: action to show/hide children of selected folder tracks
    ReaTune: clear/update analysis on demand in the manual correction tab
    Regions: improved timesignature handling when duplicating regions
    Take lanes: option to display empty lanes is now global, not per-project
    Track recording settings window: fixed potential crash under certain instances
    VST: fix for saving presets for plugins with non-automatable parameters
Status des Themas:
Beachte, dass dieses Thema älter als ein Jahr ist! Möglicherweise ist es sinnvoller, einen neuen Thread zu erstellen.