a long lovin' lash

The Heretic's two Cents

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ein Song über die Gründungsmythen von Religionen und deren Missbrauch bis heute.

Die Gitarren und die Vocals sind eingespielt, der Rest kommt von den Kollegen Samplern (EZ Drummer und Dune 2).

Hier die Lyrics zum Mitlesen:

The heretic's two cents

Schizophrenia? Go!

Are you afraid of livin'?

Are you afraid of death?

Do you like what you're given?

If not, we couldn't care less

You will receive salvation

That's what you're looking for

You'll be a part of god's nation

Could you ever ask for more?

Belief's a part of mindset

Knowledge a rock in the way

What you feel is what you get

You' will rise while you pray

Try to query our order...

Now we're the law for you

Don't dare to cross the border

Hell will be the place for you

Bored and broken was your feel, 'so long'

The gain is eternity and you believe in that same old song

'It feels so true, you can't prove me wrong...'

(The heretic's two cents:)

...'true', but: I won't ignore the signs of your


I won't ignore the signs of your....

Do what you've been told

That is our use for you

And if you want to go off

We've got tools for you

Do you need a lift to heaven?

Deep faith is all you need

Opened up 24/7

To perpetrate your dirty deeds

We are the wack seperators

Our will's so bloody strong

We've got remote detonators

If yours will lead you wrong

You feel slightly uncertain?

You can rely on the strength of us

Celebrate the final curtain

A tender push to the critical mass

Bored and broken...


Your lies...

Bored and broken...

...'true', but; I won't ignore...

a long lovin' lash
A long lovin' Lash
Rock, Metal, Punk
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Seltsame Mischung, aber interessant. Insgesamt finde ich den Sound ein wenig flach. Trotzdem gerne gehört.
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Gut gemacht , die rockige Musik durchzogen mit ein wenig Cross-over-Style aus den 80/90ern. Die guitars sind gut
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Kann es leider nicht in Voting - Phrasen schubladisieren, aber ich bin irgendwie beeindruckt. Macht schon was her.
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cooles stück.
der kommentar von @PalmaSola passt...
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Irgendwie musste ich an Clawfinger denken., mit ein bisschen 80ies feeling :)
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