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Nuendo 7

Integration von Nokia OZO

Das professionelle Virtual Reality (VR) Kamerasystem von Nokia lässt sich direkt mit Nuendo 7 verbinden. Timo Wildenhain von Steinberg meint dazu:
„Die nahtlose Integration von Produktionstools und Formaten ist äußerst wichtig für einen reibungslosen VR Workflow“ […] „Nokia OZO und Steinberg Nuendo erlauben einen nahtlosen Austausch von Daten, wodurch sich die Produktion professioneller VR Videos effizient und komfortabel gestaltet.“​

Das Ziel dieser Zusammenarbeit ist es einen effektiven Workflow für VR-Audio zu bieten.

    1. rkdk 30.09.16
      Difference between Nuendo 7 vs. Cubase Pro 8.5 The following are Nuendo exclusive features compared to Cubase: Audio Post-Production / general • Extended surround capabilities with up to 13.1 support • Anymix Pro advanced surround panner including automatic distant-dependent features • Nuendo V5 advanced surround panner • Re-conforming solution for fully integrated automatic audio-to-picture alignment • Two video tracks and further capabilities such as picture follows editing and video pull up/down • Video engine: text overlay, count-in • Integrated loudness processing toolset, normalization to integrated loudness values and true peak level export • Loudness Track: Loudness curve written on a dedicated loudness track including true peak indication • Advanced Control Room capabilities, up to eight monitor sources and VU output channel • Automated Batch Export for exporting several versions of a mix in one go • Cycle Marker Batch Export support • Film-mixing automation system with passes technology and enhanced automation panel • Multitrack audio-to-picture editing, including playlists and video-follows-audio editing functions • Advanced editing capabilities including track sheet and 2x Range tool • ProTools multi-mono to stereo interleaved file conversion and Multitrack to mono split • Render Export to bounce MIDI and audio parts with FX • Automatable naming scheme for easy export of a large number of audio files • More plug-ins, including Pitch Driver, Nuendo Post Filter, Bass Manager, MixConvert, Matrix decoder/encoder • Clip packages: audio clips can be saved to individual packages • More markers and dedicated features • Extended Project Logical Editor • Extended file format support: AAF, MXF audio, AES31 • Auro3D, Barco Wavefield Synthesis system support • Support for wavefield synthesis sound creation (Barco Spatial Audio Workstation) • Extended synchronization/machine control options • Nuendo SyncStation synchronizer support • Enhanced EuCon support • Networking Collaboration features LAN/WAN • post-production sound library by ProSoundEffects Game audio • Game Audio Connect toolset for connection with Audiokinetic Wwise • Transfer sounds to Wwise using drag & drop and batch export functionality • Naming scheme toolset for exporting large numbers of game audio assets with individual naming parameters • Perforce Helix version control system support • More than 80 plug-ins and virtual instruments for creative sound design • Clip packages for saving clusters of audio files as one package • Direct rendering to disk thanks to the new Render Export function • Advanced multi-format support (Barco Proximity) Automatic dialog replacement (ADR) • Fully integrated Automatic Dialog Replacement system • Makes professional recording of dialog for multiple roles, scenes and actors easy and fast • Up to 32 marker tracks for easy scene spotting • Professional foley recordings thanks to useful options in the ADR panel • EDL (CSV/CMX) format support for utmost flexibility and compatibility on import • Dialog text overlaying the picture allowing the artist to fully focus on the displayed picture • Powerful naming scheme including individual attributes for different characters/roles • Video count-in and different swipes allowing for accurate, lip-sync performances Dolby Atmos support in Nuendo
    2. rkdk 30.09.16
      ...geil. Kauf ich mir, so ne Cam. haha! :D Nuendo 7 ist dennoch ein Traum und preislich aufgrund der Funktionsvielfalt und integrierten, sehr teuren (!) lizensierten De/Encoder (!) sowie dem mitgelieferten Iosono Anymix Pro Surround Plugin (separat schon um die 350 Euro) völlig ok und gerechtfertigt. (diese Diskussion hatten wir schon viel zu oft hier..gähn) s.u. .
    3. Saurus 30.09.16
    4. Saurus 30.09.16
      Ja, so ein OZO-Kamerachen gehört in jeden gut sortierten Haushalt. 55.000 Juronas sollte doch jeder übrig haben. Und wer in jenen Sphären unterwegs ist, den schreckt auch der Nuendo-Preis nicht. ;-)