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    Bin grad am sammeln von lyrics für und höre alte Songs durch...

    Crawling in my head inside
    Fallen with the star dust
    Killing any hope in sight
    Covered by pulsating lust
    Knowing to ask the question in between
    Where dolphins lie
    The burdened eye:
    Wide shut
    Prison me
    Navigate by empathy
    I heard them say that
    Poison is within my heart
    Sympathy for the other side
    No trust in faith
    No hope to raise
    We are falling
    The effort that we took - missunderstood (understood?)
    Don't get me wrong maybe you get me right
    I searched the light
    But i found a fight
    Out of the night
    The chains so tight
    Melting white
    And now we're
    Longing for live
    Grabbing the joy
    Just to open our eyes
    And find nothing worth
    To hold
    Illustrated in the news
    Corrupt bankers, lazy youth
    Prepared for years
    Penetrated to your ears
    Poking just facile fears
    Fill it up with some beers
    Anger in your heart
    Doesn't set you free
    You gotta know who it is
    Disgrace in the court
    Praise the lord
    Kill the hord
    Take the sword.
    And now we're
    Longing for live
    (In the middle of the backseat)
    Grabbing the joy
    ('Till the end of the street)
    Just to open our eyes
    (In the rythm of my heartbeat)
    And find nothing worth
    (At the ground beneath my feet)
    Beging for love
    You are sick of that live,
    Of striving that knive
    Open your eyes
    You ask for the one
    You know i am here
    The prison is you
    Annoyed by the choice
    Of two