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Cubase update 7.0.1 !

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  1. rkdk

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    Extra-Thread, findet man ja sonst schlechter im Diskussionsgewusel hier...

    Cubase Update 7.01


    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    The update adds a few improvements and resolves the following issues:

    - Selecting a Project template, e.g. “Blues Rock Production” no longer leads to an unresponsive application state.
    - Displaying track pictures in the tracklist within the Project window works seamless.

    - Double-clicking to open the crossfade editor no longer renders the application unreliable.
    - Copy/Paste of a range selection in Sample Editor or MediaBay will no longer lead to a "Realtime Algorithm has been deactivated" message.
    - Editing Length Values in the Logical Editor now works seamless.
    - After saving a new preset in Logical editor, the presets are listed correctly.

    - Intensive velocity edit operations in the Key Editor when the track is set to Hermode Mode Tuning (HMT) playback no longer renders the application unresponsive.
    - MIDI-Reset message is now transmitted on all MIDI channels as expected.
    - MIDI track events sent to an instrument are no longer played back twice after changing the output routing.

    - On PC systems the print tabulatur over more than one page no longer miss note lines on the second page.
    - On OS X systems the printout from scores no longer shows unwanted horizontal and vertical lines.

    - The localization of chord types has been improved.
    - In the Key Editor Chord Editing Tab, chord types are no longer greyed out until a chord is selected and the labels on the Chord Buttons are easier to read.
    - When the Chord Editor is open other key commands are also available.
    - Executing “Make Chords” will overwrite and erase any existing chords.
    - Chords to MIDI now creates expected results, regardless of chosen time formats of chord and target MIDI track (musical vs. time linear).
    - The velocity of auditioned notes is now the same for notes which have been created by dragging Chord events onto a MIDI track.

    - The high and low-pass filters are no longer active when bypassed and won’t produce unwanted artefacts.
    - In dual screen setups the mixer no longer jumps from the 1st to the 2nd screen as soon as "Channel Racks" is activated.
    - Enabling/disabling areas in MixConsole no longer lead to dissarranged areas when MixConsole is closed and re-openend.
    - Copy/Paste of Send Effect and settings no longer results in a non-active Send and wrong height of Send Rack.
    - The size of the Channel Setting window now remains intact when closed and reopened.
    - The on/off state of the “Show Track Pictures” option is restored correctly.
    - If two or more channels are linked together, the “activate side-chain“ state of the Standard Compressor channel strip module is now linked properly.
    - Envelope Shaper module no longer introduces phasing issues.
    - Using the channel strip on frozen channels now works reliable.
    - After switching presets of the EQ channel strip module, its parameters displayed correctly.
    - Dragging a user preset from MediaBay onto MixConsole no longer renders the application unreliable.

    - Resizing the plug-in window now works as expected for plug-ins which support it.
    - Inserting the Tube Compressor channel strip module or activating its side chain no longer produces a short noise.
    - MixConvert V6 is now available as plug-in.
    - Under Mac OS X older iLok protected VST plug-ins such as Audio Ease Speakerphone 2, will no longer render the application unreliable.
    - VST Connect SE connections are now more reliable.

    MediaBay: The MediaBay Location checkbox icons are displayed correctly.

    - Working with MediaBay via a remote control no longer leads to unexpected shutdown of the application.
    - FX Sends Level can now be remote-controlled properly also if Project Settings are set to +12 dB Fader in Project Setup.

    - Under OS X 10.8 it is now possible to switch the sample rate without any issues.
    - The included REV-X/Channel Strip plug-ins of Steinberg MR/UR hardware now have an icon for preset operation

    Localization :
    Cubase now runs in same language as specified for the system (OS X only).

    Thanks for choosing Cubase!

    Helge Vogt
    Product Marketing Manager Cubase
    Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

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    rkdk, 19.12.12
    Kamu bedankt sich.
  2. Kamu


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    danke, das ging aber schnell
    Kamu, 19.12.12
  3. Tubesniffer


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    Für UR28M und CC121 gibt es auch Updates !
    Tubesniffer, 19.12.12
  4. djstean


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    alles dinge, die erst nach release aufgefallen sind?
    djstean, 19.12.12
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