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club banga ;) lyrics: verse1: i jump in my draws and lace up my kicks nikes might be my favorite picks pull up my pants, buckle up und pull em back down call up my HUS's, cuz they my round celly in the left, ipod in the right pocket swagger so sick, folks say i might lock it well, whatever the case, the mic knows i rock it my sneakers made for runnin and you talk it if yo breath be gon everytime you talk shit i'd offer you a vicks, just not to be a dick keep runnin yo mouth, i'ma take one step u'll be out of bounds and i'd holla "next" i won't stop with that till i be signin my checks stayin fuckin fly like that LAX, dawg hehe, they say life's a bitch mine's in love with a tall boy, 6'1, maybe 6 refrain: grab yo girl and lean to the left grab yo boy and lean to the right take yo girls go'n lean to the left getcho boys and lean to the right verse2: i gamble for my life, but always got trumps make rappers look stupid like wearin gucci pumps boys always look at me like a white boy can't rap so i'll just prove these mawfuckas that i'm kinda black no, he didn't - yes he did grown folks be like: "what a mess that kid" we the reason old folks say "the youth dun changed" matter of fact, it ain't us, it's the truth that changed main goal is to have fun, god damnit dressin clean as fuck we don't need no vanish take another sip of that henny and hypno and sip, sip, sip, sip mo hehe, u know whatchu do gettin twista, lookin like u ain't got a clue if u don't give a shit, let em know that and if u don't give a fuck, show that hoffentlich gefaellts...
Young C-Town
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Der Track gefällt mir nicht schlecht... ;-)
Mmh, ist schwer sich so auf den Punkt genau entscheiden zu müssen. Finde den Song jedenfalls fast perfekt, würde gut in den Club passen, wäre ich DJ würde ich das Teil mal testen. Ziehe aber deshalb einen Punkt ab, weil sich der Beat im Refrain mMn noch deutlicher von den Strophen abheben müsste, da könnte man vielleicht noch etwas markantes reinsetzen. Und dann käme es vielleicht noch n Tick besser, wenn die "grab your boy..." Zeilen von einer gerne etwas lasziv klingenden Dame gerappt werden würden ^^ greets