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Götz — Behringer

Join our team as a Behringer Brand Manager Synthesizers specializing in products for musicians. You will be a key player in shaping our brand’s image and effectively engaging our audience. Your expertise in content planning and management will be instrumental in expanding our reach and influence through valuable content.

  1. Content Planning and Project Management:
    • Plan, schedule and organize campaigns aligned with branding and marketing objectives.
    • Facilitate coordination between internal engineering teams, content creators, and external video suppliers for content production.
    • Identify and curate content ideas, contributing to the content calendar.
  2. Partnerships:
    • Identify, build, and execute on organic relationships with like-minded artists for collaborations.
    • Outsource and project manage production to external partners.
  3. Content Creation:
    • Understand new products and translate technical features into emotionally driven stories.
    • Independently ideate and create content building up the hype for new products; from teasers, leaks, announcements, emails,
      educational or entertaining content to updates and service posts.
    • Create written and image content or lead internal teams for content creation for organic social media and email campaigns.
    • Collaborate closely with engineers to ensure accurate representation of technical aspects.
  4. Social Media Engagement:
    • Publish content across various social media platforms.
    • Engage with viewers and the community, responding to comments and messages to foster a strong online presence.
    • Stay up to date with cultural and social trends to quickly jump on opportunities.
    • Find, curate, and share user-generated-content.

  1. Experience and Skills:
    • Strong knowledge and experience about hardware synthesizers. Synth-nerds welcome! Further experience in audio products, guitar pedals, DJ, MIDI controllers etc. preferred.
    • Strong organizational skills for managing multiple tasks, timelines, and resources efficiently.
    • Skilled at setting realistic deadlines and managing potential time constraints.
    • A degree in marketing, communications, or related field, or experience in a marketing or branding role preferred.
  2. Communication and Management:
    • Fluent in the English language. Good written and verbal communication skills.
    • Keen eye for aesthetics and dedication to maintaining brand consistency through visual content.
    • Understanding of audience segmentation and targeted strategies for PR and email campaigns.
  3. Collaboration and Networking:
    • Aptitude for working with internal and external partners, influencers, and content producers.
    • Proven success in fostering positive relationships.
  4. Social Media Savvy:
    • Proficient in social media platforms and content publishing.
    • Experience engaging with viewers and fostering an active community.

Work Environment:
You’ll be part of a small but highly collaborative team, including marketing and engineering professionals. While the main office is located near Duesseldorf, this is a remote position that offers work-from-anywhere flexibility. The company encourages a friendly and supportive working environment and celebrates successes with small get-togethers.


Hallo, Götz hier von Behringer. Wir bieten gerade obigen Job an. Die Stellenausschreibung ist auf Englisch, denn das ist bei unseren vielen Kollegen aus dem Rest der Welt eine Grundvoraussetzung für Kandidaten. Wichtig für diese Stelle: Tatsächliche berufliche Erfahrung im Bereich Marketing.

Wenn du allgemeine Fragen zu dieser Stelle hast, schreib gerne in einem Kommentar. Wenn du dich bewerben möchtest, kannst du das hier tun https://smrtr.io/gcBy8 (Transformational Digital Marketing Leader) oder schick mir eine aussagekräftige Email an goetzmueller.duerholt@behringer.com