SPECK Electronics EQ16-32 16 stereo channels parametric equalizer USA made

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FREE within EU/UK, call for other locations
Kyiv Ukraine
Limited time price drop:

1500,-EUR> 1300

Up for sale nice compact analogue parametric equalizer SPECK EQ16-32.
These devices in maxed configuration (16 stereo! channels) were manufactured in quite limited quantity, so, rare to find these days.
Perfect for synths/drum machines as well as to process any source, electrical or acoustical, voices.

- signal path built with 5532 OPAs
- accepts up to +28dBu:
«The channels of the Model EQ16 are line level, meaning that they may be connected to any other device that operates at line level. The EQ16 is also considered a unity gain device, which means that it has no gain.�The EQ16 will operate with line input levels from -30 dBu to a maximum of +28 dBu»

- complete parametric 3 band equalizer:
«Each band is continuously sweepable from its lowest to its highest frequency; 50Hz to 500Hz for the low band, 500Hz to 5kHz for the mid band, and 5kHz to 15kHz for the high band. Once the desired frequency has been selected for any particular band (the center frequency), that frequency may be continuously accentuated or attenuated (boost or cut) from 0 to +15dB or -15dB»

- outboard PSU, cable length 1.75m, set for 230VAC, can be switched for 120VAC

Device boasts for nice shape, studio use only, no smoking. Paper manual.


Internet pic from some studio with Speck(s):
FREE shipping across EU/UK, call for other locations.
Sending from Ukraine, with international tracking within all distance, or personal pickup in Kyiv.
Payoneer payment; direct wire, PayPal is possible, with some specific, call.
Crypto payments USDT are welcomed also.

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Electronical and studio stuff/parts:
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* * *


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