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€ 569,00
Vienna MIR Roompacks

Vienna MIR Roompacks zu verkaufen

MIR Roompack Lizenz-Transfer

Verkaufe Vienna MIR-Roompacks (alle Preisangaben in EUR)

1 Vienna Konzerthaus (OP 195,-) für 115,-
2 Studios and Sound Stages (OP 275,-) für 165,-
3 Mystic Spaces (Maria Straßengel & Steinhofkirche, OP 175) für 105,-
4 The Sage Gateshead (OP 195,-) für 115,-
5 Klosterkirche Pernegg (OP 115,- ) für 69,-

Verkaufe die Roompacks auch einzeln; besitze für jedes Roompack eine eigene eLicenser-Einzellizenz.

Die 10% Transfergebühr bei Vienna gehen zu meinen Lasten.
Der Transfer muss über Vienna erfolgen; hierfür brauche ich Name und E-Mail des Käufers.

Originaltext Vienna:
Vienna Symphonic Library allows a license transfer under certain, regulated circumstances. Kindly note that we don't allow resales via the VSL forum or via auction platforms like eBay. Furthermore, we only allow license transfer for our current Vienna Instruments products and current software products.

The procedure is as follows: 1. The handling fee for the license transfer is 10% of the full price of the product (minimum fee EUR 50 per license transfer). Upgrade discounts and student discounts that may have been received at an earlier time will have to be refunded to the Vienna Symphonic Library.
2. The seller has to announce to us via email to sales @ vsl .co .at the name and email address of the user the license should be transferred to, from the seller's registered email address.
3. The seller can now hand over the complete product to the new user: the registered ViennaKey or other eLicenser USB key which contains the product license(s) and, if applicable, the DVDs in their original packaging (including serial number), the Vienna Instruments software CD and the manual. In case there are unused activation codes, these have to be handed over to the new user as well. Kindly note that it's technically not possible to transfer licenses via internet from one key to another, so a key with the licenses has to be handed over to the new user.
4. The new user has to register as a user on our website and confirm that he has received the material listed in 3) to request the change of the registration data.
5. The license will be transferred to the new user.

The legal buyer of 'second hand' products of the Vienna Symphonic Library has full access to our support, software updates and sample downloads - he can even take advantage of our upgrade discounts with future orders.
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