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Tube-Tech Compressor Collection

Tube-Tech Compressor Collection verkauft

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zum Verkauf steht meine Tube Tech Compressor Collection als digitale Lizenz über iLok Transfer.

Die Software wurde kaum genutzt und zeigt nur einige Gebrauchspuren :p

und CL1B Classic MK1

An update on a classic
The Tube-Tech CL 1B is a modern classic for a very good reason. As a vocal compressor in particular, its mixture of characteristic warm slow opto gain reduction and surprisingly versatile can’t-sound-bad operation have made it a staple across a wider variety of genres than perhaps any other optical compressor. Classic rock, cutting-edge pop, rap and hip hop, EDM… you name it.

This Mk II version benefits from a complete ground-up sonic re-model, utilising another decade's worth of experience, technology, and know-how. It sounds better than ever. And it looks fresh too, with cutting edge high-res graphics. Not to mention the feature-update, adding side-chain low cut filters and parallel mixing.

Your new favourite compressor? It could just be.

Optimal für Vocals, Drums und Instrumente mit melodischer Klangfärbung

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