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PlugIn Alliance bx_Saturator V2 M/S Instrumentenplugin/Bus oder Mastering

PlugIn Alliance bx_Saturator V2 M/S Instrumentenplugin/Bus oder Mastering zu verkaufen

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Zwei Lizenzen. Für Einzelspuren, Mix-Bus und Master, laut machen, Enhancer
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Universal Audio 5 Sterne

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I found that using some drive on the Middle signals below around 150Hz and to the Sides signals above 5kHz created a very subtle firming up of the mix, as well as adding a little clarity, but, surprisingly, also made it sound noticeably louder without adding any significant peak level. It's also fun to experiment with mono-ising the lows and then widening the stereo image slightly by pulling up the level on the side signal.

As a processor for solo instruments, BXsaturator can add enhancer‑like brightness to acoustic guitars, depth and definition to kick drums, or dial up the grit to turn a weak snare sound into something altogether more assertive. While high levels of drive at the upper end of the spectrum can sound fizzy if applied in excess, adding dirt to the lows is a great way to pump up a bass synth, or simply to add some musical cornflour to a limp pad. The user interface makes operation very easy and intuitive, and there are applications in just about any genre of music, whether mixing or home mastering.
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