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PlugIn Alliance bx_meter

PlugIn Alliance bx_meter zu verkaufen

Populäres Metering-PlugIn für Mix und Mastering

Hat viele neuartige Optionen, Luca Petrolesi für seine Las Vegas EDM-Mixe uvm.
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The best mixes contain well-placed dynamics. Loud mixes can easily sound squashed, and in long mixing sessions, it’s easy to lose valuable objectivity, causing a squashed mix to make it into the final product. bx_meter is a sophisticated metering and measurement tool that allows you to visually analyze your audio signal in many useful ways. It lets you see with clarity what your ears might have missed.

bx_meter will show you Peak and RMS values of your mixes, including the relation between the two using centered, DYNAMIC LEDs. bx_meter has a Mid / Side mode (Sum and Difference) in addition to the standard L/R mode, and it offers 3 different weightings to be used to display dynamics more like you hear them. Just like many other Brainworx tools, you will find several solo switches and valuable extra features like the floating dynamic LED mode.

bx_meter does not automatically make your mixes sound better, it simply lets you look at how you are mixing or mastering with unprecedented precision. This visual information about your mix allows you to better understand the correlation of dynamics, M/S, phase and levels of what you are hearing. In return, it helps you mix and master far more accurately.
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