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Plug & Mix - VIP Bundle

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Plug & Mix - VIP Bundle

he V.I.P. 3.3 bundle now contains 50 plug-ins. And, as you are a V.I.P. customer they don't ask you for any further money to be upgraded. Even more plug-ins are going to be added in future releases, FREE of charge for our end-users... Products included in this Bundle Ambiosoniq-Improve your stereo image American Tweed-The Fender Bassman Sound Analoger-Vintage Tape & Tube Emulator Plug-in Basspeg-Amp up your Bass Brightness-Abbey Road Style Brightness Plug-in British Tone-The MARSHALL Amp Sound California Tone-The MESA BOOGIE Amp sound Chorus Ensemble-Deep Chorus Ensemble Effect Clarisonix-Sub Bass and Harmonics Enhancer Classic Flanger-Silky Smooth Flanger Effect Classic Phaser-Vintage Multi-Stage Phaser Effect Cool-vibe-Hendrix's Uni-Vibe based Effect Degradiator-Bit Crusher Style Plug-in Deluxe Tilt-Extreme EQ when needed Digital Plate-EMT Based Gold Plate Analog Reverb Digital Reverb-Eventide based Reverb Dimension 3D-Roland Dimension D Type Effect Distorted-Smooth Distortion Effect Echoflex-Echoplex Based Tape Delay Effect Electro Optical-Two Channel Electro-Optical Compressor/Limiter Electro Q Tone-Extreme EQ when needed Gatevador-Close the Gate Granulizer-Granular Processing Plug-in Liquid Air Q-EQ with presence Lo-Fi-Add digital filth to your tracks Loudbass-Stereo Bass Booster Ls Rotator-Great Leslie Magic Queen-The VOX Amp sound Monster Boost-A Signal Booster with Warmth Moogy Filter-Classic vintage filter pedal Multi-Tap Delay-Multi-tap madness Ob La Wah-The Virtual WAH-WAH Pedal Octaplexer-Octaver Divider Plug-in Pitch Me-Dual Pitch Shifter Psycho Ring-An unique Ring Modulator Retro Compressor-Warm Vintage Compressor Retro Equalizer-API Like Classic EQ Retro Filter-Great Sounding Retro Filter Retro Limiter-Great Sounding Limiter S-Tractor-De-Ess your Vocals Screamer-Hardcore Screaming Distortion Stereolizer-Stereo Width Enlargement Talking Tone-Talk Box and Vocoder ToneStack-6 Classic amp tones Transcontrol-SPL based Transient Designer Tremolo Pan-Versatile Tremolo and Panning Effect Ultramaxit-Easy to Use Level Maximizer Plug-in Vibrator-Add some Vibe to your sounds Vinylizer-Get that Vinyl Sound Vowel Comb-Vowel overtone comb filter Payment via Paypal (payment to family friends) or SEPA bank transfer possible
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