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$249.99 Cashback Voucher von Plugin Alliance

$249.99 Cashback Voucher von Plugin Alliance zu verkaufen

Gutscheincode Plugin Alliance

Hi Leute, ich habe am 20.05.21 meinen Cashback-Voucher erhalten und biete diesen zum Verkauf an.

Hier ein paar Infos von PA zur Verwendung des Vouchers:

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What can I spend this voucher on?

This $249.99 voucher can be spent on anything in our store except for subscription fees. Regular products, products on sale, upgrade fees etc. That's why we call it PA Cash-Back.

Is this a One-Time promotion, or will I get another voucher next year?
You will receive a $249.99 voucher every time you pay for the MEGA Bundle Yearly Subscription. This means if you don't cancel your subscription you will get another voucher right after you will extend your subscription next time.

Will this voucher expire?
Your $249.99 voucher will be valid for a full year (12 months after receiving it). No need to rush things. Explore all our plugins during the 1-year term of your subscription, then decide for a few plugins you want to "keep forever", even if you wish to terminate your subscription later!

Can I split this voucher or combine it with other vouchers?
No, you will have to use this voucher in one order, and you should use it completely, as no "virtual change" can be given by our store.

When is the best time to use my voucher?
Once a quarter (every 3 months) we have our big MEGA Sales. During these sales many (sometimes ALL!) of our plugins are on sale. If you keep your voucher until that promotion you will be able to grab a few plugins and keep them forever.

Can I sell my voucher or gift it to somebody?
Yes! You may pass on or even sell this voucher to somebody else. Please note that the voucher can only be used 1x, so you can only give it to one person.

Is there a minimum spend for this voucher?
No! You can spend it for whatever you want and do not have to pay anything extra. You can even use the voucher for orders over $249.99 - in this case you will be charged only the difference between your total order value and the $249.99 voucher.

What about VAT in Europe?
The voucher will be reducing your NET order value, before VAT taxes. So if you buy a $249 plugin (for example) your net balance will be 0 (zero). In this case you will not need to pay any additional VAT.

Will I get free upgrades for the plugins I choose with the voucher?
No. All perpetual licenses will have to be upgraded against a fee in case we release a V2 or V3 version of your plugin. Service updates will be free though. If you stay subscribed to MEGA you will get any V2 or V3 as part of your subscription free of charge anyway.

Will I lose the plugins I pick with my voucher in the MEGA Bundle?
No. Your MEGA Bundle subscription will always be the full collection.

I am subscribed to the monthly MEGA Bundle. Will I get vouchers as well?
No, these PA Cash-Back loyalty vouchers are only being sent to MEGA Bundle Prepaid Annual (Yearly) Subscribers.
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